Names of those known to be buried in the Garden of Remembrance at Marlpool URC.

Register of burials at Independent Chapel, as of June 25th 1837

Name Residence Died Buried Officiating Minister
Ann Soar Heanor Feb 7th 1822 (aged 1 year) Feb 12th 1822 Joshua Shaw
Sarah Wardle Langley Feb 26th 1822 (aged 13) Feb 28th 1822 Joshua Shaw
Thomas Howitt Tag Hill June 3rd 1822 June 5th 1822 Joshua Shaw
John Julius Prince Tag Hill October 2nd 1822   Joshua Shaw
Benjamin Hardy Heanor Nov 15th 1822   Joshua Shaw
Hannah Hancock Heanor May 13th 1823   Charles Ellis
Charles Lawrence Marlpool July 6th 1823   Charles Ellis
Catherine Prince Tag Hill Nov 5th 1823   Joshua Shaw
Isiah Prince Tag Hill November 19th 1823   Charles Ellis
Isaac Prince Tag Hill Feb 24th 1824   Charles Ellis
Emanuel Storer Millhay Mar 22nd 1824   Charles Ellis
Wm Killar Aldercar April 10th 1824   Charles Ellis
William Shaw Tag Hill Aug 9th 1824   Charles Ellis
John Martin Heanor Common May 24th 1825   Charles Ellis
Susannah Hart Marlpool Jan 9th 1825   Charles Ellis
Martha Hart Marlpool Jan 24th 1825   Charles Ellis
Edwin Varley Milhay Jan 25th 1825   Charles Ellis
Elizabeth Gibson Milhay Jan 26th 1825   Charles Ellis
William Boam Hassock Lane March 9th 1825   Charles Ellis
William Littlewood Heanor March 27th 1825   Charles Ellis
John Wardle Langley Jun 16th 1825   Charles Ellis
Samuel Severn Langley Lane June 17th 1825 June 20th 1825 Charles Ellis
Joseph Birkin Marlpool June 25th 1825 June 28th 1825 Charles Ellis
John Grise Marlpool July 11th 1825 July 14th 1825

Charles Ellis

Samuel Carlin Langley July 21st 1825 July14th 1825 Charles Ellis
(blank) Osborne Common Side (blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) Smith Tag Hill (blank) (blank) (blank)
James Killer Aldercar May 7th 1826 May 10th 1826

Charles Ellis

Ann Johnson Heanor Oct 1st 1827 Oct 4th 1827 Charles Ellis
Joseph Bircumshaw Marlpool Dec 3rd 1827   James Orange
Fanny Carter Loscoe Feb 19th 1828 Feb 22nd 1828 James Orange
Martha Smith Marlpool Aug 1828 Aug 1828 James Orange
Thomas Holmes Langley Dec 21st 1828 Dec 23rd 1828 James Orange
(blank) Osborne Tag Hill May 10th 1829 May 13th 1829 Joshua Shaw
George Brown Marlpool May 16th 1829 May 18th 1829 Joshua Shaw
(blank) Wilkinson Marlpool May 21st 1829 May 24th 1829 Thomas Roscoe
Ann Webster Lee Lane Jul 7th 1829 Jul 7th 1829 Joshua Shaw
John Brough Langley Oct 11th 1829 Oct 14th 1829 Thomas Roscoe
William Birkin Marlpool Mill Nov 28th 1829 Nov 30th 1829 Thomas Roscoe
John Taylor Heanor Feb 18th 1830 Feb 21st 1830 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Glazebrook Marlpool May 2nd 1830 May 5th 1830 Thomas Roscoe
Edmund Copestake Marlpool Jul 22nd 1830 Jul 25th 1830 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Smith Langley Lane Aug 28th 1830 Aug 31st 1830 Thomas Roscoe
James Brown Langley Lane Sept 19th 1830 Sept 22nd 1830 Thomas Roscoe
John Thornhill Marlpool Mar 19th 1831 Mar 22nd 1831 Thomas Roscoe
John Fletcher Langley May 15th 1831 May 15th 1831 Thomas Roscoe
Elizabeth Glazebrook Marlpool May 15th 1831 May 15th 1831 Thomas Roscoe
Elizabeth Moore Langley Jun 30th 1831 Jul 3rd 1831 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Marshall Brentnall Eastwood Jul 15th 1831 Jul 19th 1831 Thomas Roscoe
Charles Eley Marlpool Oct 29th 1831  Nov 1st1831 Thomas Roscoe
Eliza Wilkinson Wood Lincoln Jan 7th 1832 Jan 10th 1832 Thomas Roscoe
Amy Storer Millhay May 24th 1832 May 27th 1832 Thomas Roscoe
Sarah Slack Marlpool May 8th 1832 May 8th 1832 Thomas Roscoe
Jonathan Moore Langley May 12th 1832 May 17th 1832 Thomas Roscoe
Enoch Wilkinson Wood Lincoln Sept 14th 1832 Sept 17th 1832 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Carlin Langley Feb 14th 1833 Feb 17th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Eliza Whiteman Heanor Jan 9th 1833 Jan 14th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Charles Eley Marlpool Mar 4th 1833 Mar 8th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Joseph Webster Langley Jul 11th 1833 Jul 14th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Elizabeth Corkwell Marlpool Aug 29th 1833 Sept 2nd 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Elizabeth Fletcher Langley Nov 1st 1833 Nov 5th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Ann Holmes Langley Lane Dec 23rd 1833 Dec 26th 1833 Thomas Roscoe
Sarah Bircumshaw Askey Sic Feb 11th 1834   Thomas Roscoe
William Smallwood Heanor Mar 10th 1834 Mar 14th 1834 Thomas Roscoe
Thomas Bircumshaw Marlpool Apr 15th 1834 April 18th 1834 Thomas Roscoe
John Brown Marlpool Jun 21st 1834 Jun 24th 1834 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Eley Marlpool Jul 20th 1834 Jul 24th 1834 Thomas Roscoe
William Carlin Golden Valley Oct 13th 1834 Oct 16th 1834 Thomas Roscoe
Samuel Storer   Jan 10th 1835 Jan 14th 1835 Thomas Roscoe
Samuel Brentnall Marlpool Mar 5th 1835 Mar 10th 1835 Thomas Roscoe
Daniel Butler Langley Mill Sept 17th 1835 (blank) Thomas Roscoe
Benjamin Brentnall Marlpool Jul 14th 1835 Jul 19th 1835 Thomas Roscoe
Ann Brown Marlpool Oct 15th 1835 Oct 18th 1835 Thomas Roscoe
Samuel Abbott Marlpool Jan 2nd 1836 Jan 8th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Ann Holmes Mill Hay Jan 15th 1836 Jan 18th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Robinson Langley Lane Feb 16th 1836 Feb 19th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Zillah Fletcher Langley May 20th 1836 May 23rd 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Thomas Gascoign Heanor Lane Jun 29th 1836 Jun 29th 1839 Thomas Roscoe
Phebe Robinson Marlpool Jul 16th 1836 Jul 19th 1839 Thomas Roscoe
Joseph Storer Millhay Sept 29th 1836 Oct 2nd 1836 Thomas Roscoe
George Brentnall Marlpool Nov 1st 1836 Nov 3rd 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Thomas Naylor Langley Nov 1st 1836 (aged  3) Nov 3rd 1836 Thomas Roscoe
William Johnson Marlpool Nov 5th 1836 (aged 1) Nov 6th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Thomas Straw Marlpool Nov 17th 1836 (aged 1) Nov 20th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Samuel Singleton Marlpool Dec 2nd 1836 Dec 4th 1836 Thomas Roscoe
Lydia Abbott Marlpool Jan 21st 1837 (aged 63) Jan 28th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
George Inger Marlpool Feb 2nd 1837 ( aged 1) Feb 5th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Ellen Martin Marlpool Feb 5th 1837 (aged 9 months) Feb 9th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Hannah Martin Marlpool Feb 6th 1837 (aged 35 ) Feb 9th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
George Fisher Marlpool Feb 6th 1837 (aged 1) Feb 9th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Sarah Brentnall Marlpool Feb 16th 1837 (aged 2) Feb 19th 1837 Harry Brentnall
Edward Hufton Marlpool Mar 14th 1837 Mar 17th 1837 Jas A Savage
Joshua Shaw Heanor Apr 1st 1837 (aged 35) Apr 4th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Wall Spondon Apr 25th 1837 Apr 27th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Salisbury Langley Apr 15th 1837 (aged 43) Apr 19th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Mary Hardy Heanor Apr 29th 1837(aged 10) May 4th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Eliz Whiteman Heanor May 3rd 1837 (aged 5) May 6th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Sarah Buxton Langley Jun 10th 1837 (aged 54) Jun 14th 1837 Thomas Roscoe
Thomas Roscoe Marlpool Jul 4th 1838 (aged 55) Jul 6th 1838 James Gawthorn
(Records show that the Rev. Thomas Roscoe, minister at Marlpool, was buried in the old chapel at the foot of the steps leading up to the pulpit. This was originally situated at the west end of the building.)             Back to history page